What are you seeking in this world?

  • Do you wish your life was simpler?
  • Are you looking for a greater sense of satisfaction?
  • Do you wish to feel more content with your life?
  • Do you crave clarity about how to reach these goals using methods that are
    • free,
    • have no negative side effects
    • work with our basic biology, and¬†
    • are scientifically proven to work by scientists from around the globe


Hi there! I’m Morgan, founder of Naturessence Personal Wellness Coaching. Join me on my ever continuous journey of self exploration and discovery and I’ll share with you the wonders of nature as a form of self-therapy!¬†




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Karen’s testimonial:

“If you are a child, a university student, a young parent, a retiree or anyone in between I encourage you to invest in yourself with a coaching experience with “Naturessence.” Morgan’s experience of nature in her everyday life and her honesty in her own person life journey is an example of her understanding and commitment to helping others find purpose and joy in their lives. Through Morgan’s coaching I was able to realize how I had unknowingly pushed the love of nature out of my life because I didn’t think I had time to spend outdoors. It took the coaching experience with Morgan to show me how much I needed that balance into my everyday life for excellent mental and physical health.”

Want to take the fast track to learning about Nature Deficit Disorder, how it affects you, your family and community and what you should be doing right now to prevent it?!?! Click this link to watch my full webinar!

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