Hiking Manitoba’s boreal

This morning I spent my whole morning outside. Sure it was for work and I didn’t have the option not to go. But that doesn’t mean that I got any fewer benefits from being in a natural setting. I woke up this morning at 2:00 AM and by 4:30 was outside breathing in the fresh air, feeling the cool wind on my face, and listening to the birds sing. Now don’t get me wrong the idea of getting up at 2:00 in the morning, 2ºC outside with 45 km/h wind to slosh around after a marsh bird for 5 hours does not make me a happy camper. But once I actually got out there it didn’t matter how early it was or that I had spent the last couple hours wishing for a weather day. I was warm tucked inside my three layers of clothing and just content to watch this small bird be a bird, noticing the way the trees move and the sounds they make as the wind pushes against them. Taking small moments to observe all the different kinds of wild flowers growing at my feet.

My point today is to just get outside. Warm, cold, windy, or raining, for work or for pleasure; just go outside today. If it’s cold bundle up, wearing appropriate clothing can make almost any weather enjoyable to be in. You don’t have to be in the far north like I happen to be this week. Take a moment where ever you happen to find yourself and notice the nature. Even if it’s crazy early and the sun is just barely coming over the horizon. Can you think of a more rejuvenating way to start your day than by watching the sun come up, listening to birds sing while you sip your morning brew? No? Me neither.


And if you absolutely cannot get outside yourself today. I took these photos of some Marsh Marigolds and Dwarf Raspberry plants for you. I hope you find them as beautiful as I do and that they inspire you to get into your own outdoors. Take in this spring weather! Nature is waiting for you!!


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