The bucket list of adventures that is Canada

I just came across this bucket list of Canadian places to visit for adventurous people by CTV and MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op). Have to admit that:

Riding waves in Tofino, climbing a mountain in Banff, canoeing in Algonquin, hiking the Bruce trail between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, paddling the 1000 islands of the St. Lawrence River, cycling La Route Verte along Eastern Quebec, geocaching along the  Confederation Trail in P.E.I., and scaling the summit at Gros Mourne National Park all sounds pretty amazing. I mean just look at these photos!!!

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I will be adding these places to my bucket list as sadly I’ve only been to one of them (still counts if I took the gondola at Banff, right?), so I cannot as of yet comment on the quality of their choices. I can only say that they look and sound amazing and how incredibly blessed are we in Canada to live in such an amazingly diverse and beautiful country! (Proud Canadian on Canada Day ❤️🇨🇦 Feeling the pride)

I am rather sad though that they completely skipped over half of our country!!! Hello…. The prairies deserve some bucket list space as well.

2 thoughts on “The bucket list of adventures that is Canada”

  1. Hi Dearie: I am taking this weekend to get caught up on all your hard work, watching your videos, readings your blogs, working on my Modules – I am starting back at Module One to get back on track:) I am so proud of all that you are doing. Love you…Mom


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