Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

So a post came across my Facebook newsfeed this morning; 15 things you didn’t know about Dr. Bronner and his magic soap. I’m sure we’ve all seen a million of these articles “top things you don’t know about [insert person, brand or company here]”, they’re all over the internet and usually I can’t be bothered to read them but since I’ve recently switched to a homemade shampoo recipe that uses Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap I was curious enough to click on it.

The decision to use more natural products in my life is all a part of the larger idea of living simply and balanced in all aspects of life. The idea being to slowly swap out conventional products for more environmentally friendly ones with simple ingredients; while having a chance to do research and find the best alternatives for our daily needs. In that research DIY recipes involving Dr. Bronner’s products seem to pop up a lot but I have to admit I’d never actually looked up the brand or it’s products to see if they were the real deal. So when my Mom offered me her partially finished bottle of Castile soap to experiment with I was going in blind. I chose a shampoo recipe that seemed simple enough; green tea, Castile soap and olive oil. I figured it’s gotta be better than the conventional shampoo’s in my shower that leave my hair dry, staticky and with breakage.

Enter this mornings newsfeed 15 things you didn’t know about Dr. Bronner and his magic soap. Honestly they could have been any 15 facts about the man or the product because I knew nothing previous. And I gotta tell ya, I was very happily suprised to learn that the great Dr. Bronner and his soap making family not only seem to make a fantastic organic, fair trade product loved by many but they also have a strong moral conscious! Even going as far as taking other companies to court who falsely claim to be organic.

Wrapping up; for those of us in the beginning stages of phasing out household chemicals and looking to support morally conscious companies without breaking the bank it’s nice when you can find some evidence that one such company does exist. And most products are under $20! In the future I will definitely try to do my research before investing $$ in a product because you can’t trust labels and definitely can’t trust commercials, but this time I got lucky. And sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, if the product: shampoo, lotion or cleaner doesn’t turn out to be as squeaky clean as claimed, at least you tried, and you’ll know better for next time. So for now and until I learn better Dr. Bronner has a customer in me.

Do you research your products? Have a brand you love? Is it Dr. Bronner’s?

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