Hello universe… give up? Are you sure?

Yesterday, I thought it would be a great idea to get everybody outside for some fresh air. The baby was being fussy, he skipped his usually morning nap almost completely, the dog was pacing and I was feeling rather cabin feverish, plus the radio man said it was 2C out there. Any Manitoban who did not go outside yesterday to enjoy that at least a little bit is crazy! After the winter we’ve had, come on!

My plan was to take my phone along and document our adventure for my YouTube channel, which has been my intended method of communication before blogging. So why am I hear and not vlogging my heart away on video? Because I positively suck at technology and the universe is sending me strong signals to go in another direction. For a channel that’s supposed to be about keeping things simple, using my I-phone to document my life had become my biggest headache.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a video only to have happen what happened to me yesterday. ↓


I was all ready, turn the camera on get 9 seconds in and the battery dies (for a future note my plan was to talk about forest bathing, grounding and sharing how much better we felt as a family after spending some time in the forest). Is this why all YouTube bloggers live in warmer climates? I’ve frozen my phone so many times I’m suprised it takes a charge at all anymore.

This is not the only signal I’ve been sent: my phone refuses to take video because it is too full even though I’ve deleted all my old photos, cleared the deleted folder and gotten rid of old text messages. Then video’s I’ve moved onto a hard drive to make space have been lost or if not lost are corrupt and can’t be transferred back to my IPad for editing plus the laptop I own is to out of date to use the YouTube editing software. The YouTubers I follow say they make their income from affiliated links and adds on their blog anyways (I guess the videos are just for extra traffic?).

I’m confused, frustrated and don’t know where to turn when the leisure guide comes out and in it is a class called “How to write a blog that gets noticed” it’s only $25 and 4 minutes from my house on a Saturday morning so hubby will be home and can watch the baby. Why not right? Maybe they’ll have some info I can use for my video’s.

Now here I am, third day in a row writing a blog post. No batteries have frozen, no data has been lost and no pop ups telling me I have to use my settings to clear up space before I can continue. It feels good! Already I have a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention this means I don’t have to learn any videography skills, video editing, buy a new camera, laptop and tri-pod or figure out how to get my stuff out of the cloud. BONUS!

So in the name of keeping things simple I guess all the things I wanted to make videos on will become blog posts. Right now it just feels like the easier way to get my message out there and at the moment I guess it’s what the universe thinks I should be doing. So hopefully someone will find these posts, read them and together we can all work on creating our simple, natural and stress free lives through blog. Good bye video, I’ve found a new friend.


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