Wonder and awe in your own backyard



Yesterday morning started with gratitude and beauty. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life; food in my fridge, roof over my head, paycheque in the bank but sometimes we forget to notice these things. Forget to be grateful for them. Take the little things for granted. Yesterday I was reminded of that in the simplest way.

The baby woke up in a particularly wonderful mood and seemed in no hurry to leave his bassinet; his eyes were wide open but he was happy and content to lay there and suck on his thumbs. So I took my opportunity, I got up, got the cat her breakfast and crossed off a few more morning routine chores. Out the window I could see beautiful hoar frost covering all the trees sparkling against the perfect blue backdrop of a cloudless sky. And it called to me. I wanted to take it in but I wondered, do I have time? Will the baby be happy for just a few more minutes?

Go for it!

Still in pajamas I quickly pulled on my winter boots and threw on a sweater and we ran to the backyard. The dog and I, who was surprised but excited to have some company for his morning bathroom break.



It was my backyard same as it always is, but it was beautiful and mystical and filled with that incredible capacity for wonder and awe that only nature can provide. I was filled with gratitude to have had just those few minutes to enjoy it; to have this experience to have been able to take it in with all my senses, that is something to be thankful for. And as I took it all in I couldn’t help but wonder what else is in store for me today?

4 thoughts on “Wonder and awe in your own backyard”

  1. How lovely! It’s so true, sometimes we have to take a step back and realize the beauty of the “ordinary” things all around us. Very well-done (and loved the part about the dog!)!


  2. Beautiful Morgan and I totally agree. After 6 hours on the computer, I realized I was making more mistakes than I should have been. A few hours outside, just enjoying the beautiful day, doing a few chores, walking to the mail box, watching the hoar frost fall off the trees. It was the perfect fix, and a reminder that the simplest things in life bring us the simplest pleasures:) Thanks for sharing!


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