6 Step Program

I, Morgan have created a 6 step program to help everyone learn the secrets of integrating nature into their lives. I know from my own life how the grips of depression can send a person on a roller coaster of ups and downs and hold you captive under a cloud of negativity.   Taking pharmaceutical medications can mask your symptoms, and smooth out the roller coaster but without a healthy lifestyle change they can never heal you. Naturessence is your life changing program to banish the negativity and restore the balance.


Step 1- Nature Road Map

In the first step you will take a deep look  at where you are at in 8 different areas of your life and create goals to project and customize the direction of the remaining modules.

Step 2- Nature and Your Mental Health

In the second step I help you create healthy mental habits to squash self doubt, and negative thinking which will work to bring more positivity and clarity to your life. Habits based around living in the moment and creating an honest, loving self image that will in turn act to further increase your sense of self worth and make you feel alive. 

Step 3- Nature and Your Physical Health

In the third step I teach you about the research behind nature deficit disorder and explain the Biophilia Hypothesis. Together we’ll focus on how getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors, connecting with nature relates to your physical health.

Step 4- Small Scale Nature

In the fourth step you’ll look at integrating nature into your immediate life on an intimate and small scale. Bob Proctor believes that there are three types of goals a person can set for themselves; A, B, and C goals. An A-type goal is a small goal, something you know you can achieve with very little effort. Think, the kinds of things you put on your daily to-do list. It’s these small to-do list level adaptations that we focus on in the fourth step; when we focus on your home and immediately surroundings.

Step 5- Medium Scaled Nature

In the fifth step we look to expand on the strides you’ve made and you step up into B-type goals. B-type goals are goals you think you can do but you’re maybe not entirely sure how to make them happen. I believe deeply in the power of family and community support and that is why step five is about including family, friends and community into your healing process and allowing them to support you in achieving your B-type goals.

Step 6- Nature in a Big Way

For the sixth step you step up into C-type goals; a C-type goal is something that you have really, really wanted to achieve but have either failed at achieving on your own or have never believed in yourself enough to take action. This final step is about expanding beyond what you thought was possible, solidifying what it is that you really want and ensuring that you fully understand and can integrate the tools given to you in the previous steps to solidify your continued success long after the completion of the 90 day program.

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